The Finest Aged 100% Agave Mezcals from Tiny Traditional Producers Throughout Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open my bottle?

Using a small knife, like that found on a wine opener, cut around the wax seal where the bottle and the bartop closure come together.  Holding tightly, twist out the bartop closure.  The wax will remain intact, and when the closure is replaced the bottle will appear unopened.

What's the best way to drink my mezcal?

As our website name indicates, these mezcals are rare collector's bottles, designed for sipping only.  Drink them like the best single malt scotches- either neat, or on the rock(s).  Sip slowly, letting the mezcal envelop the tongue, then slowly swallow.  Be aware that high alcohol spirits are best served slightly chilled, as warm high alcohol spirits are more apt to burn the delicate tasting membranes in the mouth, throat and nasal passages.