The Finest Aged 100% Agave Mezcals from Tiny Traditional Producers Throughout Mexico

The Club

How the Doña Tules Single Barrel Club Works

Of every barrel, 250 bottles will be reserved for subscribing members of the Doña Tules Barrel Club. Each bottle will be a collector’s item- different from every other bottle you receive- distinguished by a different barrel finish, a different producer, or a different agave. By subscribing and giving us your credit card and shipping information, you agree to buy one bottle of each release- two releases per year, at $150 (including shipping) per release. These releases will be bottled, shipped, and charged to your credit card every May 1 and November 1.  When the club is full, only members will be able to acquire these editions and they will not be on sale to the general public. When there are a few extra bottles or special editions outside the regular club offerings, they will be available to club members first.  Until the club is fully subscribed, individual bottles will be sold to non club members.  If at any time you want to quit the club, simply email us at least one week prior to the next ship date.

How the Club Works