The Finest Aged 100% Agave Mezcals from Tiny Traditional Producers Throughout Mexico


Dona Tules Single Barrel Anejo Mezcal Barrel #1 Doña Tules Barrel #1
Mezcalero:  Edgar Gonzalez
Village: San Cristobal Lachirioag
Agave: 100% Estate Espadin
Vintage: October 2016
Oven: In ground, Stone 
Mill: Horse drawn Tahona
Ferment: 7 days, wild yeast
Distillation: Twice
Still: 300 L, Copper/stainless
Aging: French/20 mos
Alcohol by Volume: 47.6%
Local name: Mezcal, Nhis Dua 
"Comes on like a mezcal, finishes like a brown spirit- ample smoke and roast agave, baking spices, vanilla, custard and clove. Lovely silky mouthfeel with a long finish" 

Clayton Szczech/"Experience Mezcal"



Meet the Mezcalero: